About New Zealand




Population and Culture

The people of New Zealand are over 40 million. As far as its culture is concerned the country is multi-cultural and enjoy a strong reputation of naturally friendly and creative.

Climate and Environment

New Zealand enjoys a variety of climatic conditions that also includes subtropical and continental. However, the mild climate typically caters the country’s agriculture needs.


It is the fifth largest country wholly island nation on earth. It consists of two main islands, the North Island and South Island.


The primary languages spoken in New Zealand are English and Maori.

Main Cities

The best known main cities of New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


The main commercial centre in New Zealand is located in Auckland and Wellington.


Transportation is never a problem here in New Zealand. The country provides high-quality private and public transport options to choose from. Such as limousine, air charters, car hire, train service, bus transport service and many more.

Other Destinations

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