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  • he first-class education system of USA aptitude to figure a landmark certified career.
  • Studying in the USA means a great future with a high salary and a good position in a company.
  • According to research by Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities, states that USA’s 30 institutions cover the highest rank from a total of 45 institutions of the world.
  • USA’s prestigious universities became the first choice for international students, researchers, and professors.
    You can even enrol for distance education and apply for courses that interest you.
  • Studying from USA top-class schools, colleges and universities will gift you a world class qualification of exceptional quality

High School (Secondary Education) in the USA

It lasts from grade 9 to 12, typically from the age 14 to 18
Once students successfully pass their 12th grade, they are awarded a high school diploma.
Students who do not receive a high-school diploma are allowed to take the General Education Development (GED) test. This is a certification course for high-school level academic skills.

Post-Secondary Education in the USA

To study for an undergraduate degree, the students must have a GED test clear or high school diploma with them to attend an American college or university.
The post-graduation degree comes with two options. Either student can pursue a 4-year program and get a Bachelor’s degree or a 2-year program to obtain an Associate degree.

Higher Education in the USA

Undergraduate Study

The undergraduate level of the US underlines a student who is not taking admission in a college or university and has not obtained a bachelor’s degree. To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student needs to devote typically four years. Besides, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, a student can either begin his studies at a community college or 4-year university or college.

Graduate Study – Master’s Degree

Master’s degree is only mandatory for higher-level positions in the fields like behavioural health and education, library science, and engineering. Being an international student, it is must you know about the credentials required to get a job in your country before you think to take admission to a postgraduate university in the USA.

Doctorate Degree

To earn a PhD degree, it may take three years for a local student of US. But for an international student, it may require as long as five years to obtain a doctorate or a PhD degree.

When do semesters start in the US?

Fall Semester (September/October):

Almost all programs are offered in this semester as it is the main intake in the USA. In this semester, more financial aid is available because of funding allocation during this time for the whole year.

Spring Semester (January/February):

Mid-year intake is in the spring semester, which is January/February in the USA. Very less financial aid options are available compared to the Fall semester.

There is a Summer intake (July) available in some universities.

Note: The student has to appear for Interview for the USA Visa.

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