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Population and Culture

The people of the country is approximately 35 million. It is also heard that near three-quarters of Canada live covers 150 km of the USA boundary. Further, the culture of the country brings to light an assortment of numerous regional, aboriginal and ethnic subcultures.

Climate and Environment

Canada’s climatic conditions deserve attention. Here winters are heard to be very harsh in many regions, especially in the interiors and Prairie Provinces. But Coastal British Colombia is an exception and offers moderate climate, with a mild and rainy winter.


The geographical information of the country reveals that it is an essential northern portion of North America. It shares its land borders with the adjoining USA to the south and Alaska, the US state to the northwest.


Most of the Canadians like to speak in English. However, French is also widely spoken among the natives of the country.

Main Cities

The main cities of the country include Ottawa (the capital city), Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.


There are so many up-to-the-minute business centres in Canada that can fulfil all your business related requirements as expected.


In Canada, you can easily avail the road, car, rail and water networks to move from here to there. You must note that the country’s economy and lifestyle is tied to its national transportation infrastructure system.

Other Destinations

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