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Population and Culture
Talking about its population, it is heard that density wise the country is among the lowest in the world with an average of 2.5 people per square kilometre. By now the total populace of Australia, as recorded in the year 2013, is 23.13 million.

Climate and Environment
Further, the climatic conditions of this highlighted country that offers cosmopolitan attractions reveal that nearly a third of the country is in the tropics and rest lie in the moderate zone.

Australia includes a total land area of nearly 7.7 million square kilometres (sq. km). The country is situated in the southern hemisphere and shares closeness to Indonesia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Above all, this is a much-loved tourist place for being rich in quality of life, abundant tourist opportunities, and high life expectancy.

Main Cities
The country is known for its natural wonders that are very much the part of large cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Regional Cities
There are some regional cities of Australia such as Orange, Bundaberg, Gold Coast and surrounds, Albany, Cairns, Townsville and so on and are highly noteworthy for their lush settings and eventful activities.

The main language spoken by Aussies is Australian English, which is about 80%. However, there are some indigenous languages that are also spoken all over Australia include Tasmanian languages, Torres Strait languages and Australian Aboriginal languages.

Together both main cities and regional cities form perfect business hubs to cater to all kinds of business needs aiming overall development and growth of the country.

Australia is huge but sparsely populated, and to get around conveniently to the desired location you can take help of outstanding private and public transport systems. It is indeed a self-motivated and vibrant country of highly active and friendly people.

It will be not wrong to call it a multi-cultural country with English-speaking people and provides a world-class educational experience that helps to get jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide.

At last, we can say that coming to Australia won’t be regretful anyways because it also provides value for money service and a standard of living which is without a doubt highest in the world. So, even if you are a student who wishes to study in Australia, the country welcomes you with open arms and expects to offer memorable stay overall, owing to its less costly living expenses and tuition cost than the UK and USA.

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