Australian Education System

  • Australia, well known as the “land of kangaroos” is frequently becoming the most preferred education destination among Indian students.
  • It attracts students worldwide mainly because it is the third largest English-speaking country in the world that makes a real difference in their life. For a person who wants to be innovative, highly creative and encourages independent thinking must choose Australia for higher studies at leading international universities.
  • Besides, Australia also offers a safe and pleasant society in which students can learn and travel without restrictions.

University Education
You need not worry if thinking to enrol at the university level of education. It is so because each university here encourages high-quality education system. Therefore, whether you are an undergraduate or aim to become a postgraduate, all universities are worth taking admission.
Further, as far as courses are concerned the universities are highly professional to introduce a vast range of courses and follow the semester system as well as a trimester system.

 Study Areas: 

Creative Arts
Business & IT
Medicine & Health
Veterinary Science
Psychology & Social Work
Humanities & Social Sciences

Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Here in Australia the vocational education and training (VET) is offered by TAFE (Technical and Further Education). These are government funded institutes as well as some private colleges. Therefore share a close bond with industry only to encourage practical and skilled based courses.

Once here at any chosen VET, you will be able to improve career-focused skills. Hence in this way you can use your vocational skills to boost your career.

Australian Schools
Australian schools are both public and private. Further, school education is compulsory between the age of 5 and 16. However, the matriculation exam for the University is generally at the age of 18.

English Language (ELICOS) in Australia

  • Australia is certainly a student-friendly destination and is becoming increasingly popular for them to learn English.
  • If you are interested to develop your English for more business opportunities, then the country offers a wide choice of colleges. Further, some programs are also introduced fulfilling your needs related to command in English.
  • Australians are very helpful people and give a warm welcome to every outsider who is interested in their culture as well as in their lifestyle.
  • Most English colleges also accommodate students with Australian families near the college just to offer them a true taste of Australian hospitality.
  • Staying here along with pursuing higher education is inexpensive in Australia.
  • Aussies are very adventurous at heart. They like to indulge themselves in camping, thrilling activities, family picnics and exotic outdoor fun.

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