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Population and Culture

The people of the UK are above 60 million. The main demographic and industrial areas are located in South Wales.

Climate and Environment

The UK has moderate climatic conditions, with abundant rainfall all year around.


The total area of the UK is approximately 243 610. Further, it lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.


The primary language that is widely spoken all over The UK is English. But still, you may find people conversing in Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Cornish.

Main Cities

London, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool and Bradford are the major cities of the UK.


The UK is home to world-class business centres. Some of them are based in Sheffield, Leeds, Livingston, Mansfield and London.


There is a regular train service which connects UK cities and towns. In simple words, the UK has a fantabulous public transportation system.

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